It’s No Picnic

Picnic BasketIn May 1971, our young son is poorly and I can’t do the annual pilgramage to the Great Yorkshire Show with my husband, Michael. Our ‘ Best Man’ calls to say he’ll go with him, plus another pal and…..oh, does he mind if his new ‘girlfriend’ comes along ? Tricky one really as she is married and this was meant to be a boy’s away day ; however, the request was swiftly followed by a tribute to her culinary skills and her offer to prepare a picnic for them all.
Well, that was decided then. Three men and a cook travelling in one car. They set off early in the morning, after all this was definitely not primarily a social occasion. There was equipment to see, cattle to check out, beer tents……well, only if there’s time (wink).
So here’s the arrangement ; every-one will go off and ‘do their own thing’ in the morning and get the work side out of the way and they’ll meet up at the car at 1pm in one of the umpteen fields chocka block full of the vehicles of like-minded visitors to the show. There was a bottle of fizz on offer and a revolutionary idea of a ‘Cool Bag’ keeping goodness knows what secret delights from curling at the edges .
Having done the necessary tramping the grounds, Michael made his way back to the car as arranged, hung around a bit, checked he was in the right area, right field (this was before mobiles of course) and the car. Confident he was at the right car, Michael duly waited, but after half an hour still no-one arrived ; [as] so he presumed that the others had been delayed. Checking the car door, he discovered to his absolute delight,(being now famished) , that it had been left unlocked ! So he opened the boot and tucked in.
There was the’Cool Bag’ and the basket complete with the promised ‘fizz’ and bottle opener, the paté, the melon, the delicately presented sandwiches, glazed morsels of tiny sausage rolls, thinly sliced ham wrapped around asparagus. And iced decorated chocolate cake. Wow, this was great. But still no sight of the other members of the party. Bit by bit Michael waded his way through the unopened boxes and ate his fill; that done, he hung around outside the car for a minute to ensure his erstwhile companions weren’t on their way.
Ahh ! There was someone waving. Shame they were now too late to all eat together. Never mind.
But what was this ? They were sitting in an identical car eating a picnic. ‘Come on. You’re late’ they shouted. Doing a swift double take at the identical car three rows backIt was then that the penny dropped….wrong car, same make, same colour. Wrong picnic !
Yikes !


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