Observations on life….nothing too clever; nothing too deep. All true.

Henship is a title that was bestowed upon me many years ago when I was the proprietor of an Equestrian Centre, a place awash with hormones and horse-muck, a trail of pony-mad children from toddlers to teens all following me  in search of a piece of the action. I have fond memories of a myriad of wonderful characters whose ups and downs, joys and sorrows, I have shared: and they mine.

My own family , of course, are the main chicks ; now numbering  four adult children  and two grand-children.

Still the traits in me that merited the title in the first place are strong. I have been  retired (hhmm) in Southern Briattny for some ten years now and gravitate with ease to the  less than easy option.

Being ‘Hen’ is very important to me now. It defines a place in the heart of my adult family, extends to close friends and those who were part of unique and special times in our lives.

Those closest to me are never too far from my thoughts and always in my heart as I busy myself  with my lawn-mower, hose-pipe, lap-top or shopping trolley.

I have had other titles bestowed on me; daughter No 1, sister, grand-daughter, niece, wife, mother, foster-mother, widow, wife, mother, ex-wife, partner, carer and nanny. Other descriptions have included: teacher, business partner, parish councillor, musician and singer, creator – of all things knitted, crotcheted, sewn and patched, cooked or baked ….and invariably noisy.


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